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Hey, guys.  I'm Mike! I'm a photographer based in Orlando FL. I have a knack for getting myself involved in some crazy adventures. Whether it is driving from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66, off-roading through remote California, or hiking along the Florida Trail near my home, I'm pretty much down for anything that'll make a good story and even better pictures.

I took up photography 3yrs ago as a hobby and I have grown enough to be have been featured in several blogs and shoot for organizations around Orlando, and I love sharing my adventures with people through my photography and blogging.

I currently live on the east side of Orlando (Go Knights!) with my cat Silvia.  If I'm not on an adventure or exploring new trails, I am usually watching documentaries or fixing something in the garage.

If you have an adventure you would like to document, I'm your guy! So, where are we going? Let me know.